3DEXPERIENCE Platform On Cloud / On Premise


Does the 3DEXPERIENCE platform work both On Cloud and On Premise?


Yes, both On Cloud and On Premise are available.

3DEXPERIENCE On Cloud enables you to manage design (CATIA, CATIA V5, other CAD data), and consolidates all your data on a single platform on secure cloud provided by Dassualt Systemes.

3DEXPERIENCE Platform On Premise vs On Cloud

Key Differences and Similarities of 3DEXPERIENCE Platform On Premise and On Cloud.

Advantage of 3DEXPERIENCE Platform On Cloud;

  • Free from worry about costly IT infrastructure so you can focus on what matters.
  • Get rid of the headache and risks associated with backups, software upgrades manually.

On PremiseOn Cloud
Invest Serversneedno need
Invest Database softwareneedno need
Configure Servers by yourselfneedno need
Periodic System maintenance by yourselfneedno need
Customizationavailablenot available

3DEXPERIENCE Platform On Premise :

  • is to prepare server at your office (①), OR to Use data server outside of your office (②)
  • allows customization.

3DEXPERIENCE Platform On Cloud :

  • enables you to securely access thru internet wherever you are, and to benefit from secure, flexible, scalable cloud resources which Dassault Systemes provides (③).
  • does not allow customization.