Open and check CATIA V5 data with Viewer


We don’t need to design with CATIA V5, but we need to open and check CATIA V5 data from customers... Is there any product NSS would recommend?


Why not using CATIA viewer, ENOVIA – DMU Viewer 1 (ENOVIA – DV1).

ENOVIA – DMU Viewer 1 (ENOVIA – DV1)

What’s ENOVIA – DMU Viewer 1 (ENOVIA -DV1)?

  • Powerful viewer of CATIA V5 data.
  • Configuration license.
  • A product of Dassault’s family.

What can you do with ENOVIA – DMU Viewer 1 (ENOVIA -DV1)?

  • Open both 3D data (CATPart, CATProduct) and 2D data (CATDrawing) of CATIA V5 without data translation. (No time-consuming data translation, No error from data translation.)
  • View shapes, Move/Hide/Unhide elements, Check attribute in properties.


  • ENOVIA – DV1 requires the same level of hardware and software with CATIA V5.
  • ENOVIA – DV1 does NOT have ability to View sections, Measure length/weight, Design, Update nor Translate data.
  • ENOVIA – DMU REVIEW 1 (ENOVIA -DM1) could be the next option as viewer of CATIA V5 data which has ability to Measure length/weight.