What can you do with PCS?


Is PCS an essential license for 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA?


What can we do with PCS?

What is PCS?

PCS (Collaborative Business & Industry Innovator) is the minimum required package to access 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Regardless of whether or not you use CATIA, all 3DEXPERIENCE Platform users must have PCS.


*M3S: Mechanical & Shape Engineer

*CATIA user: such as Designers, Mechanical Engineers

*NON CATIA user: such as Sales, Marketeers, Managers

PCS, Basic features:

  • User management, License management
  • Access-Rights definition
  • Version, Revision control
  • Full-Text search
  • 6WTags (Search filtering: Who, What, When, Where, Why, hoW)

PCS connects all users through 3DEXPERIENCE platform (Single Source of Truth), and allows to quickly access to the latest version of your work.

PCS, More features:

  • Review 3D design and Assemblies without CATIA license
  • Share 3D design among team members
  • Keep track of data changes

PCS brings you an effective team collaboration!!


Seamless Collaboration among Designers (CATIA) ~ Sales (Non-CATIA) ~ Managers (Non-CATIA)

  • Sales department can share drawing with Purchase department without CAITA license.
  • Managers can review drawings without CATIA license.

Learn more at Dassault Systèmes official website!

Learn more about PCS here (Dassault Systèmes official website)!!