What is CAT3DX (CATIA V5 PLM Express on 3DEXPERIENCE PLM Services)?


We need CATIA V5, but we have a limited budget. Any reasonable package enough for 3D design with CATIA V5 software?


You might want to try “CAT3DX (CATIA V5 PLM Express on 3DEXPERIENCE PLM Services)” package.


“CAT3DX delivers you great values not only rich CAD features but also PLM features with affordable price!


Tell me about CAT3DX!!

CAT3DX delivers you great values! ~CAD~


  • includes well-selected CATIA V5 design features.
  • is designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses.
  • is a package suitable for every industry.
  • is at an affordable price.

“CAT3DX” package gives you access to… ~CAD~

  • Basic Part Design (PD1)
  • Assemblies (AS1)
  • WireFrame and Surface (WS1)
  • Drafting (ID1+GDR)
  • Data Translation options, STEP (ST1) & IGES(IG1)

and more…

“Enabler” and “Extension” modules

You can add “Enabler” and “Extension” modules on “CAT3DX” package.

“Enabler” is to approach industry-specific challenges.

  • Mechanical Product Creation (MCE)
  • Collaborative Product Review (PRE)

and more…

“Extension” is to approach particular fields.

  • Mechanical Shape Design (HDX)
  • Animated Product Review (PRX)

and more…

For example…

  • [CAT + MCE] is equivalent to [MD2]
  • [CAT + MCE + HDX] is equivalent to [HD2]

CAT3DX delivers you great values! ~PLM~

In addition CAT3DX

  • includes features connecting CATIA V5 with 3DEXPERIENCE Platform (PCS, XCD). ***
  • gives you option “traditional file-based CATIA V5” or “data-based CATIA V5 on 3DEXPERIENCE Platform” depending on your requirement. ***

Would you like CATIA V5 with “File-based” or Data-based***.

“CAT3DX” package gives you access to… ~PLM~

  • Collaborative Business & Industry Innovator (PCS) : 3DEXPERIENCE Platform***
  • 3D Component Designer for PLM Services (XCD) : Connect CATIA V5 with 3DEXPERIENCE Platform***

***3DEXPERIENCE servers are required in case you would like “Data-based” CATIA V5 with 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.