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APIS IQ is one of the most advanced softwares for both FMEA, DRBFM and Functional Safety on the market.

APIS IQ is a quality control (FMEA/failure mode and effects analysis) tool that realizes systematic failure analysis that is not possible with conventional FMEA. FMEA forms such as AIAG/VDA are also supported.

APIS-IQ logo
  • Net expression function for structure, function, and failure
  • FMEA sheet output function
  • Multilingual function
  • ISO26262 support
  • Statistical function

APIS IQ has a track record of more than 20 years and is sold and installed in more than 1,500 companies globally.

It can comply with international functional safety standards ISO26262 and IATF16949.

Systematic failure analysis can contribute to improving design and manufacturing quality.


Extensive global sales and installation track record


Supports international standard standards


Streamlining FMEA operations

Extensive sales and installation experience in over 1,500 companies worldwide

APIS IQ is an FMEA tool with over 20 years of experience developed by APIS based on the requirements of major German OEMs and suppliers. We have an extensive sales and installation track record of more than 1,500 companies worldwide, including BMW, Daimler, Robert Bosch, and Continental, throughout Europe and the United States.

APIS-IQ OEM Supplier

Compatible with international functional safety standards ISO26262/IATF16949

APIS IQ complies with international functional safety standards ISO26262 and IATF16949. In promoting compliance with functional safety standards, it may be necessary to certify the management process from business partners and customers, and the track record of software installation and operation is also an important consideration. APIS IQ has received tool certification from SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH in accordance with ISO26262 and is highly reliable.

Realize efficiency improvement from FMEA work in Excel

FMEA operations in Excel will become more complex as the amount of data increases, and the efficiency of operations will deteriorate. APIS IQ has improved operational efficiency by 150% compared to conventional Excel FMEA operations through centralized management of information, batch change of words, and reuse of data by copying and pasting trees. * The business efficiency improvement rate varies depending on the customers environment and operation method.

Features of APIS IQ that realize systematic failure analysis not found in conventional FMEA

APIS IQ is capable of systematic failure analysis that is not possible with conventional FMEA. FMEA sheet, FTA, DRBFM, Pareto analysis chart, risk matrix, control plan, process flow diagram, etc. The net and these outputs are synchronized with each other.


Visualize causal relationships with net representations of structures, functions, and failures

The most unique feature of APIS IQ is the net. There are three types of nets: structure, function, and failure.By breaking down from structure to function to failure, systematic failure analysis is possible. In addition, by analyzing on the net, the causal relationship of structure → function → failure can be visualized.

The function net visualizes the causal relationship between the product function and the function of each structure (component), and is useful for failure analysis of products with complex functions. In the failure net, the causal relationships between failures extracted from each function are visualized, and they become the relationships of effects, failure modes, and causes. FMEA advocated by VDA is an analysis method for such a network.


Cross-synchronize net and FMEA sheets

After completing the analysis on the net, you can output to the FMEA sheet. The causal relationship of the failure clarified by the failure net is directly mapped to the effect, failure mode, and cause of the FMEA sheet.

FMEA sheets are available in VDA format and AIAG/VDA format, and can be switched freely.

Also, the AP required for AIAG/VDA is automatically calculated. The net and FMEA sheet are synchronized with each other.


Documents can be managed and handled in 11 languages

It supports 11 languages including Japanese, English, German, and Chinese. By entering the translation of the wording, it can be reflected not only in the operation menu but also in all the contents created in the file.

It is also possible to display both the main language and the reference language.

*Not a translation function.


Supports the international functional safety standard ISO26262

Function nets and failure nets are effective for safety analysis of systems with complex functions such as those covered by ISO26262.

Specific functions include functional safety parameters, ASIL settings, SPFM/PMHF/LFM target value settings and automatic calculations, DC and FIT settings, and FMEDA functions.

In addition, as a safety mechanism analysis, error detection, error response, and operating conditions can be set to failure nets.


Data can be easily reused by copying and pasting

APIS IQ files are databases, and full-text search is possible for each object (by function or failure).

Since the information can be checked on the net or in the FMEA sheet, it is easy to judge whether the information can be reused.

By simply copying and pasting the net, all data such as the FMEA sheet attached to the net can be easily reused.


Statistical function that can output various statistical graphs

The statistics function can output various statistical graphs. For example, a Pareto analysis chart or a risk matrix.

By selecting a graph, you can check detailed information and jump to the net or FMEA sheet, so you can easily check what the high-risk failures that need to be addressed are.

You can also graph the new metric AP.


Process flow diagrams and control plans can be generated from the PFMEA tree

The tree created by PFMEA describes the process sequence, product characteristics, and process characteristics.

Based on this information, process flow diagrams and control plans can be generated, and PFMEA, process flow diagrams and control plans can be synchronized with each other.

If the specification of product characteristics is changed, the change will be reflected in all reports of PFMEA, process flow diagram, and control plan.


Customer feedback using APIS IQ

Introduction of FMEA for IATF16949 compliance

Introduced in order to apply international standard FMEA with the transition from TS to IATF16949.

In particular, it is effective in maintaining consistency in the flow of DFMEA -> process flow -> PFMEA -> control plan.


Realization of FMEA management more efficient and accurate than Excel

It was introduced to achieve more efficient and accurate management than Excel.

DFMEA → PFMEA → Control plan cooperation has become smoother in database management, and we expect to improve work efficiency.


Supports AIAG/VDA integration

In accordance with the AIAG/VDA handbook released in 2019, you can automatically output to the AIAG/VDA form from the APIS structure tree, function net, and failure net.

Since it can also be output to the conventional AIAG form, it is possible to handle both with one data, making business more efficient as well as customer service.


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